Our Vision

The Spirit of Jiu Jitsu is Eternal.


The Mission of The Eternal Cup Series is to promote jiu jitsu with a foundation of mutual respect for all styles or systems of jiu jitsu and to to foster technical excellence, fellowship and human character development. The Eternal Cup Series is committed to ensure integrity, fairness and the highest standards within all of its events and special events.


The organising process of The Eternal Cup Series has been careful planed for the continuation of high level competition in jiu jitsu, and all guidelines, principles and visions are in accordance with the highest standards for competition. 


The Eternal Cup Series was founded to provide positive growth and leadership development opportunities for all jiu jitsu practitioners. The Eternal Cup Series is primarily organised to promote jiu jitus as an elite sport for the Olympic Games and similar elite sports events. The Eternal Cup Series also provide leadership, structure, curriculum, training and certification for technical excellence as well as venues, rules, regulations, referees and recognition for competition excellence - furthering the development of the highest level of jiu jitsu competition. 


Michael Hunter
Chairman, The Eternal Cup Series